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Not Your Everyday Viv

I was born in Tema, Ghana and immigrated to Toronto, Canada as a toddler. I was a rockstar from elementary through high school and even won a Make Your Own Future Award (how fitting!). And then the world threw a wrench in my plans. I dropped out of college and battled depression in my early adulthood.

I ended up working a series of jobs as a French bilingual for several startups in fintech, medtech, and at the home office of a multinational franchise company. I was learning the ways of entrepreneurship without even realizing how these lessons would show up later in life!

Now, I run a 7-figure business while living just outside of Toronto with my son Xavier. I enjoy karaoke, making playlists –everything from yacht rock to 90’s hip hop and R&B, colouring books, nurturing plants, long walks on the beach, endless googling, and dancing with my son.

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From college dropout to 7 figure startup

I started my first business, Vivian’s Decor & Designs, in 2006 as a side hustle. I went full time out of necessity when I was let go from my job at the franchise company. With all my focus on it, I grew VD&D to be a 6 figure wedding decor company.

It was while I was working as a decorator that the idea of KinkyCurlyYaki was born. I was tired of not being able to find high quality hair extensions that matched my natural hair texture and made it possible for me to present myself professionally and stylishly on the job. And I was not alone in this struggle. I started KCY in 2012, and in the first year I hit 6-figures. I reached the next figure in 2016 and continue to run it as a 7-figure business while traveling, sharing my story internationally, and helping others reach their goals.

I believe that being grateful is the gateway to all successes in life. I’m all about helping people see the glass as full, making lemonade out of lemons, and seeing the greener side of the grass. I want to empower those who think that they don’t have what it takes to shine, to shine with what they have and shine in their own way. Over here, we practice mindfulness and positivity, have lots of fun, and take it day by day.